KXLU Documentary

Check out Phoswork’s KXLU Documentary for Loyola Marymount University. It features some of the music industry’s most iconic faces and highly respected figures in the indie rock scene. We were proud to be a part of such a fun and relevant Los Angeles message.

Ulrik Munther – “Tell the World I’m Here” and “San Francisco Says Hello”

Here are the two Ulrik Munther videos we shot last winter. We filmed these simultaneously, though it might be hard to tell upon viewing. The concept was simple. With the beautiful California landscape as our backdrop, we took a road trip. Starting in our own backyard (quite literally), we traveled from Hollywood to the beach, then through the scenic deserts of Joshua Tree and Palm Springs all the way up to San Francisco. There are few places in the world where we could use such a wide variety of geographical elements, and the finished product is just stunning. Enjoy!

Jasmine Kara- “Can’t Lie to Me” Premiere!

Directed by Kristoffer Dios, starring Swedish pop star, Jasmine Kara. Jasmine performed at the Swedish Grammies in February, the video can be seen here.  We had a blast shooting this video and working with Jasmine, who is probably the sweetest girl in the world, despite how badass she is when she performs. We look forward to the release of her new album, and are keeping up with her rise to stardom on her blog!


Calle and Alexander Visit the Embassy

Phosworks LA welcomes Phosworks AB ambassadors, Carl-Wiktor Lövgren and Alexander Rangevik to Hollywood!

Our web lady Ana, and Calle enjoy a rainy lunch during a long and arduous day of working.


Calle and Alex working very hard on something very serious and very important.


As always, the LA team is delighted to have some Swedes staying in the house! And a new one, at that. Alexander is joining us for a couple months, conducting research and working from the Hollywood office and learning how to party, American style. Also he will be teaching Alexis all about the internet!

Hollywood visits Sweden for the Holidays

What better way to experience the holidays than frolicking in the real-life winter wonderland that is Sweden? Kristoffer, Patrick and I were lucky enough to spend four and a half days between the Stockholm and Uppsala offices, and since it was my first time in snow, and also my first time in Europe, there would be no time to sleep between business meetings, glöggs, and wandering wide-eyed strolls amidst the snow laden streets.

Not such an extraordinary office accessory at the Uppsala castle…

I could not stop marveling at the idyllic winter landscape. Who needs postcards with scenery?

Does your office have a dungeon?

(From left to right) Matthias of Stockholm, guiding Patrick and Kristoffer of Los Angeles. All looking sharp in Phosworks winter hats!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU Phosworks AB for showing us how they party in Scandinavia. We did our best to keep up.

God jul!